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Hi, I'm Monica.

I'm a Mentor,

Author, &

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I offer workshops, private coaching, and a 12-week signature course, The Best Interest of the Parent.

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Workshop - Can the American with Disabilities Act help me in Family Court?

Take charge of your health and use one of the strongest laws on the books to protect yourself from abuse in the system.

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Build Robust Self-care with my FREE book, "Broken System, Broken Heart"

This book is for the grieving parent. It gets you started with basic self care for the mind, body and heart.

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Set Unshakable Boundaries - Love Your Brainwashed Child While Honoring YOU

A workshop for the parent with diminished contact with their child. Reach your child in a special way using your natural creativity.

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My Vision...

March 26th, 2011 was the day the Family Court took my preschool-aged son from me. As I laid on my living room carpet and contemplated suicide, I had an abrupt vision of my future self doing 3 things: writing a book, testifying at the state capitol for reform, and taking my case to the Connecticut Supreme Court. Those visions saved my life.

All three of these visions have since come true. A
fourth vision came in 2016, and that's what gave birth to Moms Unshackled. I will spend the remainder of my life empowering parents like you to be part of the solution.

Human beings have been battling injustice for thousands of years. The proof is there. But it takes AN ARMY of moms and dads to do that. Systems can't be fixed if we are all sick and traumatized. 

When you work with me, you'll stop asking yourself, "Why is everyone doing this to me?". Instead, you'll be asking yourself, "Who do I have to become to survive this?"

"When my 8-year-old twins were taken from me, I couldn't go a full week without crying. I was diagnosed with PTSD and could only hold a part-time job. The coaching from Monica is helping me wean off two medications, and is giving my life some purpose. The evening rituals are the most helpful."

Johanna R.
Mom of 2 teenagers

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