The 4 Secrets to Unleashing Your Inner Activist in Family Court


In This Masterclass, You Will Learn...


The Key to Disarming the Flying Monkeys

How do we handle narcissists in court? Do you throw mud back at them? Ignore them? Be cooperative? You'll learn an effective strategy to protect yourself.


Why Healing Your Wounds Reveals the Courageous Version of You

Family Court trauma is real and the effects are often permanent. Staying ahead of this will protect your #1 asset - YOU!


How a Winning Mindset Will Be Your Guide

Your grit, passion and love for your children is way more intelligent than the broken system. Use this to your advantage!


The Way to Learning the Educational Tools You Need

This will keep you grounded and not left with that stomach-dropping fear paralysis in the courtroom. I'll teach you how to research your rights so you can actually use them. Your relationship with your child is too precious to leave it all up to a judge's temperament.

"Monica helped me tremendously with so much knowledge about the family court system, self empowerment, self care and more so I was able to have the outcome I was looking for and keep my sanity during such an emotional time. I truly am so grateful for Monica in so many ways! "

Isabelle M.

Parents put pinpricks in the system when they are empowered to stand up for themselves. When this happens over and over again, corrupt attorneys, evaluators, etc. will be forced to change their business model to remain competitive.

We need to create an awakening in our community of parents who've been cast aside by legislators and regulatory agencies. 

However, that’s rarely possible when parents are crippled with PTSD and have a broken mindset. Changing the system is our legacy work, and we have a special calling to finally put an end to this 50-year abomination on American families.


A Note From Monica... 

I am like most of you. I have a teenager whom I am barely raising. The Family Court has positioned me as a "visitor" in his life.

Since my son was taken from me, I’ve become a Health Coach, author, podcaster and outspoken activist. My mission is to empower our suffering community so they can heal themselves. A parent who has managed their court-induced trauma is a very effective advocate not only in their own custody case, but with their community.

By registering for this masterclass, you’ve taken the first step into becoming part of the solution!