Finally... a course for parents like you.

Join me in this first-of-its-kind digital course for parents who are tired of being bullied in the court system

The Best Interest of the Parent follows a 4-quadrant healing and empowerment model. In 12 weeks, I show you how to overcome the victim/failure mentality that the system conditions us to adopt. 

One of the core failures in this 50-year racket is that the parents' needs always come dead-last. We are taught that any sort of self-care, empowerment, and boundary setting is selfish and harmful to our children. This is nothing more than early brainwashing - so that you can keep handing money over to your saboteurs.

As parents, we need to do Family Court in a way that hasn't been done before. You can be unstoppable - and show up POWERFULLY for your children.




Develop the winning mindset needed to get through the long, grueling days.


Ease the paralyzing government trauma that's harming your mind, body and soul. 


Learn how to say NO to bullying and terrorism in the Family Court!

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Hi, I'm Monica.

I am like most of you. I have a teenager whom
I am
barely raising, and the Family Court has
positioned me as a "visitor" in his life.

I built Moms Unshackled to not only heal
myself, but empower our suffering

My 12-week signature program that
works off a 4-quadrant
system has
been formatted into a cutting-edge
digital course.

This course is the template for healing and
empowerment for both moms and dads.

My vision for Moms Unshackled is to create
an awakening in our community of parents
who've been cast aside by legislators and
regulatory agencies.

When we start doing Family Court differently
in ways we CAN control (not what we can't
control - where most of you are trapped),
the system will be forced to change.

This is our legacy work. Parental
empowerment will cripple the system!

Doors Open October 27th, 2020!

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