Be the Lighthouse - How to Let Go While Holding On


In This Workshop



How to Communicate With Your Separated Child in a Big Way

Without using the court and/or relying on your ex's cooperation. YOU get to call the shots for once! (About time, right?) Bonus: not relying on other people to "fix" your damaged relationship keeps you out of being a victim!


How to Lean Into a More Peaceful State of Mind 

Self-care and honoring your place in your child's world will empower you, AND empower your child (since they STILL learn from you, even in separation). Healthy parents = healthy child = empowered child.


How to Use Your Own Creativity to Unlock New Solutions 

This isn't just another online support group! You will be stretching out of your comfort zone, using online tools to REACH YOUR CHILD - FINALLY. (This was not possible before!) Stretching, though scary, feels good and helps take the sting out of the chronic grief.


How to BE THE LEGACY you are meant to be for your child.

Your child can literally handle ANYTHING in life, simply by observing how you take down this horrific system. This is about you being unapologetically BOLD and EMPOWERED. Which is EXACTLY what you want for your own child!


"Monica invites you in a warm and comfortable way to sit with your true authentic self no matter where you are on your journey. Parental alienation, by its nature, catches you blindsided, feeling helpless, and without hope. In this workshop you will find your place as a parent to your alienated child. I’m always thinking about what I can do to help heal my own relationship with my child. Monica walks you through many avenues and encourages you to find your own individual way that is unique to you. "

T.S., Musician, Alienated parent of 2 years.

A Note From Monica...

In 2010, When the Family Court stripped me and my darling pre-schooler of our legal rights, leaving us with 4 days a month together, I had two options: I could become entrenched in grief, anger, hate, and fear, or I could fight back peacefully and gracefully against my saboteurs. As I committed to a purposeful, healthy life, I remained  anchored in the truth.  

It took me years and years and YEARRRRS to pull myself together. I didn't know how to heal, or who to get help from. 

So... I built the template for healing using a 4-quadrant system. I created an awakening in our community of parents who've been cast aside by legislators and regulatory agencies.

My vision is to reform the sick and corrupt Family Courts, but I can't do it alone. The world needs lightworkers to help. Moms and dads will unite and gut the system, and our kids will not suffer the way we have. This is our legacy work!